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The Masterlist. All fandoms, all stories, excluding original fic (check the tags for that).
WARNING! The older the fic (NCIS, House, Bones in particular), the more horrible it'll be.
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Babylon 5
Battlestar Galactica
Doctor Who
Major Crimes
McLeod's Daughters
Sports Night
Star Trek TNG
Stargate Atlantis
The West Wing

Films & Books

165,410 words

Babylon 5

emotion in motion
let's get it on. fifty reasons to have sex.
john/delenn. partly au, partly canon. spoilers for the entire show. 28,410 words. r.

here we are, light unshown
the shadows win. this is how the world ends.
john/delenn. au early season four. 460 words. pg13.

there's a drumming noise inside my head (that starts when you're around)
he'd had to physically drag himself away before he did anything stupid like proposition the minbari ambassador after just one date. delenn, however, had other ideas.
john/delenn. set soon after the long, twilight struggle. 1,460 words. nc17.

what is past + art/art
i am anna sheridan… john's wife. what if anna hadn't been a shadow agent?
john/delenn, john/anna. au after shadow dancing, vague spoilers up to racing mars. 16,800 words. pg13.
collaboration with [ profile] gryphon2k for [community profile] scifibigbang.

Battlestar Galactica

all will turn to silver glass
white shores are calling, you and i will meet again. he builds their cabin nearby.
adama/roslin. set during and after daybreak ii. 546 words. pg.

coming over like mist becoming rain
it is in the quiet times of the night that they meet. theirs is a tale of love and hope.
adama/roslin. 270 words. r.

don't make a sound, i know they're watching
this was a stupid idea. bill knows how to add a thrill to boring quorum meetings.
adama/roslin. 1,460 words. r.

eyes open, eyes closed
it feels like death, like dying. a moment in a cancer patient's... life.
laura roslin. 104 words. pg13.

get to know it in the dark
it's all happening too fast. the second exodus, a reunion.
adama/roslin. set after exodus. 630 words. nc17.

half-remembered dreams of the graceless and the frightened
hera understands more than she lets on. a child of two worlds will unite them all.
hera agathon. mild spoilers up to daybreak. 380 words. pg.

leaving just your corpse behind
oh, the airlock... she misses that part, too, more than she cares to admit.
adama/roslin. set some time after the events of lay down your burdens. 862 words. nc17.

sex, lies, and videotape
you made a sex tape? the rumour mill is working overtime.
adama/roslin. 1,160 words. r.

speak no evil of the soul
she could love him, if she only let herself. obstacles, hesitation, doubt. in between everything, love.
adama/roslin. throughout the entire series, up to the hub. ~13,800 words. pg13.

the curtains are twitchin at all who pout and preen
when laura roslin feels overwhelmed, she cleans. even more so after the end of everything.
laura roslin, bill adama. spoilers up to taking a break from all your worries. 1,170 words. pg.

the devil's water, it ain't so sweet
at night, the memory of her invades his thoughts and dreams. a companion piece to this.
adama/roslin. set some time after the events of lay down your burdens. 1,570 words. nc17.

the picture of the check-out girl
his fingers paint his love across her flesh as if they're brushes and she's their canvas. a collection of somewhat au-ish, completely random drabble-like... somethings.
laura roslin, adama/roslin. 1,180 words. pg13.

the triumph of steel
it scares her just a little. change can be good, too.
laura roslin. spoilers up to collaborators. 233 words. pg.

your heart is an empty room
bill, this is murder! just an excuse to get two insanely attractive people frakking.
bones crossover. roslin/booth. spoilers for colonial day. 1,640 words. r.


another world behind shaded lenses
why are you squinting? in which brennan is smart as usual and booth has a... condition.
temperance brennan, seeley booth. 230 words. g.

diversion is bliss
he always has to keep his hands occupied when he's talking to her. distraction, temptation, diversion.
seeley booth, booth/brennan implied. 215 words. pg13.

five times booth and brennan were in a car
five times booth and brennan were in a car and one time they weren't. what is all this about, booth?
booth/brennan. slight spoilers for the man in the bear. 2,500 words. pg13.

illogical belief
goodbye, i love you. brennan's farewell note.
temperance brennan. spoilers for aliens in a spaceship. 290 words. pg.

louder than words
one steamboat, two steamboats, three steamboats... it's her all over.
booth/brennan. spoilers for the santa in the slush. 750 words. pg.

everything changed the day joy became temperance. nomen est omen.
temperance brennan. spoilers for the woman in limbo. 450 words. pg.

your heart is an empty room
bill, this is murder! just an excuse to get two insanely attractive people frakking.
battlestar galactica crossover. roslin/booth. spoilers for battlestar's colonial day. 1,640 words. r.


beat their wings overhead
forgive me, father, for i have sinned. what clarice wants, she gets.
clarice willow, clarice/amanda. spoilers for the entire show. 1,020 words. pg13

this moment now and this moment, now
each betrayal begins with trust. five moments in the evolution of a relationship.
amanda graystone, clarice/amanda. spoilers for the entire show. 3,500 words. pg13.


five years and a day
we'll stop here for a week. he did promise.
gideon/lochley. spoilers for everything. 2,800 words. pg13.

Doctor Who

a page of your history
a flash of golden hair and a silver gun. a multi-media representation of a very unconventional friendship.
leverage crossover. eliot spencer, river song. 820 words. pg.


chilled fervour
i like him. and i like sex. he remembers. vividly.
house/cuddy. spoilers for insensitive. 230 words. r.

dies non levat luctum
contrary to common believe, time does not heal all wounds. he has the scars to prove it.
greg house, house/cuddy implied. 1,000 words. pg.

of things loved and lost
you want more. but he taught you that you can't always get what you want.
lisa cuddy, house/cuddy. 160 words. pg.

the last time
and everything would fall into place. lives are falling apart, but there's always hope.
greg house, house/cuddy. 370 words. pg.

the sublimity of rain
she'd always loved the rain. drizzle, drop, thunder and storm.
lisa cuddy, slight house/cuddy. 290 words. g.

this was the line
this was it, this was the line. there are some things you just don't cross.
greg house, slight house/cuddy. 520 words. pg.

life has never treated you particularily fair. and yet you keep on fighting.
lisa cuddy. 550 words. pg.


a page of your history
a flash of golden hair and a silver gun. a multi-media representation of a very unconventional friendship.
doctor who crossover. eliot spencer, river song. 820 words. pg.

after sunset
the night time is when they’re at their quietest. during the day, someone is always talking.
ensemble. 350 words. pg.

compasses point north, i only point to you
aka, five times nate ford was tempted. you've always been the good guy.
nate ford, nate/sophie. pre-series, spoilers for miracle job and two live-crew job. 5,200 words. pg13.

da capo
he's always been prone to addictions. a seduction in three steps.
nate/sophie. 850 words. pg13.

don't be afraid to let them show
five secrets the leverage crew keeps. five truths they've never told.
ensemble. 740 words. pg13.

feel the static
there comes a time when he can't stop touching her. fingers against fingers on a file.
nate/sophie. late season one. 1,220 words. pg13.

sometimes goodbye is better than see you soon
her first postcard came from rome. another life that could have been.
nate/sophie. 900 words. pg13.

the end, or where it begins
in retrospect, they really should've seen it coming. san lorenzo 2.0.
nate/sophie. spoilers for hot potato job. 1,300 words. light r.

the groundhog day job
let's go steal a day. it's not the craziest thing they've heard.
ensemble, parker/hardison. 870 words. pg.

the play is finished, but the echoes remain
there was that time in venice. you owe me.
sophie/tara. pre-series and two live-crew job. 860 words. pg13.

we were so damn good (i guess we never stood a chance)
three relationships that could have been, and one that was. the five of them, they’re a family now.
eliot spencer, ensemble / various. 2,400 words. pg13.

when in rome
you're a bad influence. some things never change.
nate/sophie. spoilers for san lorenzo job. 4,200 words. r.


no place like home. two sides that meet at a right angle.
stargate atlantis crossover. elizabeth weir, juliet burke. 560 words. pg.

Major Crimes

(before you know it, you'll be) on your knees
every single problem we're having is because of you! she's sure there's a rule against this somewhere.
sharon/andy. episode tag for reloaded. 870 words. r.

McLeod's Daughters

as long as we're together
my life is with you, only you. discussing the future can be cleansing, too.
stevie/alex. spoilers for the end of season seven. 370 words. pg.

wanting her
of course i want you! she knew it could never be...
stevie/alex. spoilers for for better or for worse. 270 words. pg13.


a trip down memory lane
times long gone, an agent long lost. gibbs's thoughts of kate.
jethro gibbs, slight kate/gibbs. spoilers for twilight. 200 words. pg.

bulletproof weeks
she cuts her hair on a wednesday. seven days in the life.
jenny shepard, jenny/gibbs. spoilers up to judgement day. 507 words. pg13.

jibbs drabbles
c'est paris toujours. we'll always have paris, baby.
jenny/gibbs. 640 words. pg13.

what was, what could have been. jenny and gibbs reflect on what happened.
jenny/gibbs. spoilers for jeopardy. 1,090 words. pg13.

the memories come mostly at night. friendship, understanding, trust. he doesn't have to explain.
jethro gibbs, kate/gibbs implied. spoilers for twilight. 230 words. g.

my agents, my family, my team. he watches them closely.
jethro gibbs. set somewhere in the second season. 440 words. g.

kate todd. code name: rosefern. a hundred drabbles.
kate todd, kate/tony, kate/gibbs. throughout the first two seasons. see individual drabbles for details.

rule 12
never date a co-worker. kate is not impressed.
kate/gibbs. set after yankee white. 840 words. pg13.

screw reason
live a little. tony's words turn kate's world upside down.
kate/tony. 1,290 words. pg13.

the soccer match
game, set,... what a simple soccer match can lead to.
kate/tony. 1,400 words. pg13.

the tale of air and water
gibbs's kisses are like fire. they burn and burn and leave her aching.
abby/gibbs; abby/mcgee, abby/tony implied. 150 words. pg13.

tony, you don't need to know everything. fun times at the office and beyond.
kate/tony. sort-of sequel to a weak link. 1,540 words. pg.


once like a spark
the new sanctuary is nothing and everything like the old one. five smiles.
helen magnus, will zimmerman. post-sanctuary for none. 1,140 words. pg.

the most important things
it's been too long. what if helen and daniel knew each other?
stargate crossover. helen magnus, daniel jackson. spoilers for end of nights. 740 words. pg.

whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
he has plenty of fantasies about her. and now he finally gets to play one out.
will zimmerman, helen/will. set some time after next tuesday. 990 words. r.

Star Trek TNG

every eye trained on a different star
she takes three night shifts in a row. five dreams out of the warp bubble.
beverly crusher. episode tag for remember me. 3,400 words. r.

(i don't need a) parachute
he'd loved her as long as he'd known her, and he'd known her for twenty-five years. five times they nearly slept together (and one time they really did).
beverly crusher/jean-luc picard. spoilers for the entire show. 5,100 words. r.

our rain-washed histories
do we have time to see your office? alone, this time.
crusher/picard. au tag for the big goodbye. 1,600 words. light r.

Sports Night

the life i've been frightened of
of all the things in her life, he's the most familiar. dana and casey throughout the years.
dana/casey. spoilers for everything. 9,000 words. pg13.


be your harbour
sometimes in life, you don't have a choice. ten conversations.
ensemble. spoilers for pretty much everything and nothing at all. 6,520 words. pg.

like a moon on the tides
they pass notes in mandarin. she's always thought of him as a smarter version of indiana jones.
atlantis crossover. daniel/elizabeth. 3,160 words. pg13.

the absence of presence
just another day at the sgc. dead doesn't necessarily mean... dead.
sam carter, jack o'neill, daniel jackson. spoilerish for full circle. 100 words. pg.

the ghosts in the attic (they never quite leave)
she's always been rational, logical. five people samantha carter lost.
sam carter, various. au from heroes onwards, spoilers up to threads. 410 words. pg13

the most important things
it's been too long. what if helen and daniel knew each other?
sanctuary crossover. helen magnus, daniel jackson. spoilers for full circle. 740 words. pg.

the trees will lose their withered leaves (i just can't seem to let them loose)
it's the little things that break her. everything's changing, and she's desperately trying to hold on.
sam carter, sam/jack. set between lost city and threads. 1,100 words. pg. [WIP] CURRENTLY LOCKED.

we'd find that our love is unaltered by time
i have been married, daniel. many times. limited options have never been an issue.
daniel/vala. missing scene for unending, set towards the end of the time dilation plot. 400 words. pg.

whilst water slips into the sea
after the armband incident, they have to find a new place to get dinner. five team nights.
ensemble. spoilers up to threads. 560 words. pg.

Stargate Atlantis

back in the saddle
it's just the president. john and elizabeth back on earth.
the west wing crossover. elizabeth weir, john sheppard, cj cregg, john/elizabeth. 510 words. pg.

like a moon on the tides
they pass notes in mandarin. she's always thought of him as a smarter version of indiana jones.
stargate crossover. daniel/elizabeth. 3,160 words. pg13.

please, captain, not in front of the klingons
for the last time, i'm not kirk! they write their own stories, but that doesn't mean it's not been done before.
sheppard/weir. 500 words. pg.

no place like home. two sides that meet at a right angle.
lost crossover. elizabeth weir, juliet burke. 560 words. pg.

tell instead a made-up story from the world of night
cities fall and cities die, but she's not quite ready to let go. in-between breaths, she dies.
elizabeth weir. passing mention of the siege. 1,100 words. pg13.

there's a thunder in our hearts, baby
five ways john and elizabeth look at each other. ...and five ways they are completely obvious.
various, sheppard/weir. 4,120 words. pg13.

The West Wing

back in the saddle
it's just the president. john and elizabeth back on earth.
stargate atlantis crossover. elizabeth weir, john sheppard, cj cregg, john/elizabeth. 510 words. pg.

when the faith grows old, and life turns cold
they haven't spoken in seven years. it's become a well-rehearsed routine.
cj cregg, cj/toby. post-series speculation. 1,300 words. pg13.

Films & Books

harry potter and the deathly hallows — an alternate epilogue
old ways die hard, ron. the dark times dumbledore warned you about, they're over.
harry potter. harry potter, ron weasley. 780 words. pg13.

a song of freedom
this was not denmark, this was africa. once upon a time, she'd had a farm there.
out of africa. karen blixen. spoilers for the entire film. 280 words. pg13.

yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream
when she's with denys, she doesn't dream at all. the tale of a storyteller and a hunter could never have ended with happy ever after.
out of africa. karen blixen, karen/denys. 500 words. pg.

sonnet i
the starcrossed lovers and their end. what their tombstones might say.
romeo and juliet. romeo/juliet. poetry. 101 words. pg13.

some sanity
losing spock was the worst thing that could have happened to him. loss and grief and hope.
star trek. mccoy, spock/mccoy. set between star trek ii and iii. 400 words. pg13.


a powerful spring
fire, fire and ice; a battle of sorts. she's doomed, and knows it.
streep/brosnan. 740 words. r.

acting your way around attraction
sometimes you wish that you could just be sam and donna. she's always been passionate about things.
streep/brosnan. slight spoilers for mamma mia. 585 words. r.

then came the rush of flood
you know he wants you. it's paris and it's lust, and you've never enjoyed forbiddenness quite as much.
mcdonnell/callis. set at the jules verne festival. 850 words. nc17.

yielding to temptation
i deal with temptation by yielding to it. you'd be a fool to stop kissing her now.
streep/brosnan. 733 words. r.