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Jan. 4th, 2012 04:31 pm
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oh look! it's a fic meme! and i'm too lazy to capitalise anything today. don't worry, this won't be a regular thing, the next post will be proper fic again. as always, feel free to leave prompts here!

fics completed this year:
16... not very impressive, sigh. but i probably started ten more that never got finished.

looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
definitely less. always less. and i have started sucking at completing fics.

what pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in january 2011?
i never thought i'd write a leverage/doctor who crossover. the things i do for [ profile] hihoplastic. and i never thought i'd finish a sanctuary fic, hah.

what's your favourite story of the year? not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?
whilst water slips into the sea, stargate, team fic, pg. it's really not much more than a drabble, but it's stargate team fic, ffs. how could it not make me happy?

runner's up for favourite story:
there's a thunder in our hearts, baby, the west wing, cj/toby, pg13. i never thought in a million years i'd write west wing fic. and it worked so well for me, too. cj is a scary lady to write, because she knows so much and is so smart, and i find west wing fic in general very frightening to write because the dialogue on the show is the most perfect dialogue of all. that's why i didn't even try to put much dialogue into the fic, it's more a stream of consciousness sort of thing.

did you take any writing risks this year? (see above for unexpected pairings, etc.) what did you learn from them?
not really. i wrote the crossover fic for catherine's birthday, and i wrote helen/will for kate's, and idek. those aren't really risks per se, but i'm always nervous before posting for new fandoms / pairings.

do you have any fanfic or profic goals for 2012?
write a lot. that's all, really. and finish some, if not all, of my wips. [ profile] cata_clysmiic and i are going to do fic finishing fridays (like no stabbing wednesdays, get it?), and that should help. maybe. also, write all the babylon 5 fic. all of it. especially that sinclair fic.

my best story this year:
in terms of quality, actually, maybe... when in rome, leverage, nate/sophie, r. another present for kate, hah. but san lorenzo job just had to be ficced. and i think leverage is still the fandom i write the best fic in, of all my fandoms (that aren't battlestar). i wrote another similar nate/sophie fic this year, but that was a bit rushed, so i think this one right here is the best.

story most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
hah! like a moon on the tides, stargate'verse, daniel/elizabeth, pg13. such otp material right here, even if they never really interacted much. but they would have, and that's what this fic is about. well, that, and languages. but i didn't write it for appreciation, so i don't really mind.

story i kind of wish i'd never written:
proportionality, stargate atlantis/lost crossover, pg. but it was for a land comm and i didn't exactly have much choice. it just doesn't make any sense. but juliet burke would look great among the 'lantis people. i just wouldn't want her put through another isolated place that she doesn't want to be.

most fun story:
there's a thunder in our hearts, baby, stargate atlantis, sheppard/weird, pg13. they're switching bodies. that's right. you wish your ship was that cool.

most sexy story:
ummm. probably whatever we lose (like a you or a me), sanctuary, helen/will, r. helen and will fucking in the shower. with feeeeelings.

story with single sexiest moment:
when in rome, see above.

story with single sweetest moment:
this moment now and this moment, now, caprica, clarice/amanda, pg13. this is awkward since it's a show about terrorism and killing people and crazy robots and even crazier ladies, but. amanda and clarice, sitting on a park bench, k-i-s-s-i-n-g with amanda's head on clarice's shoulder. the end.

most unintentionally *telling* story:
i honestly have no clue. any takers?

"holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story:
the ghosts in the attic (they never quite leave), stargate, sam carter, pg13. ...i, err... killed off jack? oops.

hardest story to write:
it's a four-way tie between the leverage/doctor who crossover (because i don't really know doctor who at all), the sanctuary fic (because i can't write sanctuary), and both caprica fics (because my favourite is a crazy terrorist lady). but they weren't really hard. what's really hard is the fic still left for me to finish, incl. six leverage wips, four stargate ones, and a couple of sanctuary ficlets.

easiest story to write:
sometimes goodbye is better than see you soon, leverage, nate/sophie, pg13. this is as much of an au as i've ever written one, but when we read the article this story is based on in italian class, i just knew it was absolute perfect for nate and sophie. so i re-wrote it a little, took out the horrible ending, and mostly just translated and filled in gaps, hah.

this year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most:
angst is funnnnn! especially if you have a family backing you up. and most of my stories show that, actually, especially the stargate and leverage gen / team fics. :')

story you regret not writing:
oh so many. i mean, i've started most of those that i want to write, including that half-finished stargate ensemble fic (again about family) that i am desperate to finish. i do regret not writing more on my nano original novel (i only got to 1.3k, laughable really), but this year, it just wasn't mean to be. i started far too late, i just couldn't find an idea that was interesting enough to spend a whole month on, and at the same time one that wouldn't require weeks and months of research. and i didn't want to go with fanfic because while i did write more than 50k of leverage fic last year, i never touched it again after nov 30th and probably never will. and i didn't want that to happen again. and i also sorttt of regret not writing or starting that sanctuary fic set during season four, but i kept telling myself to wait and see what this season really was about before i started writing an au for it. now that season four is actually over, though, i'm not sure i want to write it anymore. not because i don't still think my idea is better than what they did with season four on screen, but because it would be huge and daunting and idk, i have issues.

things i learned about writing in 2011:
i will never do it professionally? that counts, right? i just hate editing too much, and a huuuge part of writing professionally is editing. dnw.

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