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Jan. 4th, 2015 03:39 pm
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and here's 2013 in retrospect!

fics completed this year:
7. again. which is seven more than i wrote the year after that, so i guess that's not so bad. i did write a lot of really long fic, though. never done that before!

looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you'd predicted?
a l w a y s l e s s. this is a stupid question for me because i will never write as much fic as i want to or expect to.

what pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in january 2013?
well, i wrote several new fandoms and pairings that i could not have predicted. crusade's gideon/lochley, sports night's dana/casey, and ofc my current love, major crimes's sharon/andy. though i suppose sports night was the least likely because sorkin scares me like no other writer does.

what's your favourite story of the year? not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest?
the life i've been frightened of, sports night, dana/casey, pg13. i could easily switch this out for most under-appreciated (and have that one be my favourite), but eeek! i wrote sorkin fic again! and i'm very happy with it! i loved writing about this very obscure ship more than i love writing about a lot of my other, more popular ships. i didn't even need other people's input, i was just in so deep that writing came naturally. which hardly ever happens these days. and suddenly, i was left with 9k of fic. hearts in my eyes.

runner's up for favourite story:
five years and a day, crusade, gideon/lochley, pg13. another very obscure show/ship, another under-appreciated story, but it had to be written. crusade had such potential, and i'm still angry we didn't even get to see the story start. but at least we got those amazing two episodes with these amazing two characters. it took crusade for me to really appreciate elizabeth lochley, so i automatically love it for that, but these two episodes just make it all perfect, and gave me an excellent reason to delve even deeper into this franchise.

did you take any writing risks this year? what did you learn from them?
like i said in the '12 post, writing new fandoms always feels like a risk for me, but even more so in sorkin fandoms. and i learned that i can do it, occasionally!

do you have any fanfic or profic goals for 2014?
i had a lot of goals, and didn't meet any of them. i did write a dissertation / thesis, though, so.

my best story this year:
(i don't need a) parachute, star trek tng, picard/crusher, r. i'm generally very happy with the long(-ish) fics i wrote in '13, but this one in particular makes me proud. it feels like i was at the peak of my writing fu when i wrote this. everything else is downhill from there. i think i managed to get into both picard's and beverly's head fairly well, and i actually enjoy re-reading the story even now.

story most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
what is past, babylon 5, john/delenn, pg13. i put so much into this story. and i didn't do it for the appreciation, but it sure wouldn't hurt. ;) nah, i know how small the b5 fandom is, and how even smaller the disneyotp side is. i'm rather proud of the 17k (s e v e n t e e n) i wrote, though.

story i kind of wish i'd never written:
meh. the play is finished, but the echoes remain, leverage, sophie/tara, pg13. this one comes closest, i guess. i don't regret writing it per se, but i wouldn't have written it if it hadn't been for someone else, and i still feel a little... weird about it. not because of the ship, but rather because i don't feel like i did them justice at all.

most fun story:
the groundhog day job, leverage, team, pg. they steal a day. you wish your team was that cool.

most sexy story:
(i don't need a) parachute, star trek tng, picard/crusher, r. five times they didn't have sex and one time they did. awwwyes. no explanation necessary.

story with single sexiest moment:
(before you know it, you'll be) on your knees, major crimes, sharon/andy, r. fucking in the pilot. you're welcome.

story with single sweetest moment:
(i don't need a) parachute, star trek tng, picard/crusher, r. the last scene. yeeeeaaaaah.

"holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" story:
none! hah! i didn't write a single ~wrong fic in 2013. didn't kill anyone off either! i'm so proud. :')

hardest story to write:
what is past, babylon 5, john/delenn, pg13. it's just so long! and it actually has plot, which is difficult for me by definition. i had to make things work. but i think i did? hopefully? i also don't usually do love triangles. give me threesomes instead! but this one is such a perfect triangle that i couldn't resist.

easiest story to write:
the life i've been frightened of, sports night, dana/casey, pg13. surprisingly. it all just came together. though i'm sure i whined about it a lot, too. i could check, but that would be embarrassing. it did help that i had my buddy renee do excited little dances a lot.

this year's theme and the story that demonstrates it most:
umm, obscure fandoms was definitely a theme! as was long stories. i wrote nearly 3k for that crusade fic, 9k for sports night, more than 5k for tng, and nearly 17k for b5. as far as themes are concerned, i guess i wrote a lot of introspection, but then, i do that every year.

things i learned about writing in 2013:
not really about writing, but rather about posting. ao3 is da man. so glad i only post there these days. it's easy and wonderful. i haven't regretted making the move there once. it probably accounts for at least some of the decline in comment numbers, but i don't even care. draws hearts around ao3.

ok. now i gotta go do some actual writing. wish me luck!
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