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the groundhog day job
let's go steal a day. it's not the craziest thing they've heard. leverage. ensemble, parker/hardison. 870 words. pg.

( the groundhog day job )
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be your harbour
sometimes in life, you don't have a choice. ten conversations. stargate. ensemble. spoilers for pretty much everything and nothing at all. probably futzes with canon more than it should. 6,520 words. pg. (kate, i owe you a hell of a lot. and you, too, kelly.)

( be your harbour )
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once like a spark
the new sanctuary is nothing and everything like the old one. five smiles. sanctuary. helen, will. post-sanctuary for none. 1,140 words. pg.

( once like a spark )
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a page of your history
a flash of golden hair and a silver gun. a multi-media representation of a very unconventional friendship. leverage | doctor who. eliot spencer, river song. 820 words. pg. for my darling bff catherine, whom i love more than words can say.

a page of your history )
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whilst water slips into the sea
after the armband incident, they have to find a new place to get dinner. five team nights. stargate. ensemble. spoilers up to threads. 560 words. pg.

whilst water slips into the sea )

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after sunset
the night time is when they're at their quietest. during the day, someone is always talking. leverage. ensemble. 350 words. pg. for [ profile] leverageland.

after sunset )
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no place like home. two sides that meet at a right angle. stargate atlantis | lost. elizabeth weir, juliet burke. 560 words. pg. for [ profile] stargateland.

proportionality )
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back in the saddle
it's just the president. john and elizabeth back on earth. stargate atlantis | the west wing. elizabeth weir, john sheppard, cj cregg, slight john/elizabeth. 510 words. pg. for [ profile] stargateland.

back in the saddle )
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the absence of presence
just another day at the sgc. dead doesn't necessarily mean... dead. stargate. sam carter, jack o'neill, daniel jackson. spoilerish for full circle. 100 words. pg. for [ profile] stargateland.

the absence of presence )
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the most important things
it’s been too long. what if helen and daniel knew each other? sanctuary | stargate. helen magnus, daniel jackson. spoilerish for full circle and end of nights. 740 words. pg.

the most important things )
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we'd find that our love is unaltered by time
i have been married, daniel. many times. limited options have never been an issue. stargate. daniel/vala. missing scene for unending, set towards the end of the time dilation plot. 400 words. pg.

we'd find that our love is unaltered by time )
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please, captain, not in front of the klingons
for the last time, i'm not kirk! they write their own stories, but that doesn't mean it's not been done before. stargate atlantis. sheppard/weir. 500 words. pg.

please, captain, not in front of the klingons )
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yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream
when she's with denys, she doesn't dream at all. the tale of a storyteller and a hunter could never have ended with happy ever after. out of africa. karen blixen, karen/denys. 500 words. pg. for [ profile] caramelapples11, love you!

yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream )
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the withered, waveless solitude
i can still remember, all the ways it used to be. when did things start changing, and how come you didn't notice? poetry. 240 words. pg. personal.

the withered, waveless solitude )
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on sorrow and despair (no other life is attractive)
here you say you miss me, and i just ask how much. banging your head on the pavement, and no other life is attractive. poetry. 130 words. pg.

on sorrow and despair (no other life is attractive) )
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half-remembered dreams of the graceless and the frightened
hera understands more than she lets on. a child of two worlds will unite them all. battlestar galactica. hera agathon. mild spoilers up to daybreak. 380 words. pg. yeah, i don't even know. unbeta-d.

half-remembered dreams of the graceless and the frightened )
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the curtains are twitchin at all who pout and preen
when laura roslin feels overwhelmed, she cleans. even more so after the end of everything. battlestar galactica. laura roslin, bill adama. spoilers up to taking a break from all your worries. 1,170 words. pg.

the curtains are twitchin at all who pout and preen )
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another world behind shaded lenses
why are you squinting? in which brennan is smart as usual and booth has a... condition. bones. temperance brennan, seeley booth. pg. 230 words. for [ profile] the_vintage. one of my few feeble attempts at dialogue.

another world behind shaded lenses )
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the triumph of steel
it scares her just a little. change can be good, too. battlestar galactica. laura roslin. spoilers up to collaborators. pg. 233 words. for [ profile] tenacious_err.

the triumph of steel )
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kate todd. code name: rosefern. a hundred drabbles about our lovely kate. ncis. kate todd, kate/tony, kate/gibbs. throughout the first two seasons. 100 words each. pg13 (so far).

enemies )

rebirth )

writer's choice i )