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a page of your history
a flash of golden hair and a silver gun. a multi-media representation of a very unconventional friendship. leverage | doctor who. eliot spencer, river song. 820 words. pg. for my darling bff catherine, whom i love more than words can say.

a page of your history )
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no place like home. two sides that meet at a right angle. stargate atlantis | lost. elizabeth weir, juliet burke. 560 words. pg. for [ profile] stargateland.

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back in the saddle
it's just the president. john and elizabeth back on earth. stargate atlantis | the west wing. elizabeth weir, john sheppard, cj cregg, slight john/elizabeth. 510 words. pg. for [ profile] stargateland.

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the most important things
it’s been too long. what if helen and daniel knew each other? sanctuary | stargate. helen magnus, daniel jackson. spoilerish for full circle and end of nights. 740 words. pg.

the most important things )
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your heart is an empty room
bill, this is murder! just an excuse to get two insanely attractive people frakking. battlestar galactica | bones. roslin/booth; roslin/adama & booth/brennan implied. spoilers for colonial day. 1,640 words. r. i do it all for you, leanne.

your heart is an empty room )