fic in 2013

Jan. 4th, 2015 03:39 pm
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and here's 2013 in retrospect!

fics completed this year:
7. again. which is seven more than i wrote the year after that, so i guess that's not so bad. i did write a lot of really long fic, though. never done that before!

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ok. now i gotta go do some actual writing. wish me luck!

fic in 2012

Jan. 4th, 2015 03:31 pm
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i've been re-reading some fic i wrote, and i realised i never did the fic memes for '12 and '13! i wish i could do one for '14, but ha. ha. ha. so here's 2012 in fic! (i took out some of the questions that no longer make sense answering.)

fics completed this year:
7. hides face.

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(before you know it, you'll be) on your knees
every single problem we're having is because of you! she's sure there's a rule against this somewhere. major crimes. sharon/andy. episode tag for reloaded. 870 words. r.

( (before you know it, you'll be) on your knees )
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what is past
i am anna sheridan… john's wife. what if anna hadn't been a shadow agent? babylon 5. john/delenn, john/anna. au after shadow dancing, vague spoilers up to racing mars. 16,800 words. pg13. this was written for [community profile] scifibigbang, where [ profile] gryphon2k is my artist.

( what is past + art/art )
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(i don't need a) parachute
he'd loved her as long as he'd known her, and he'd known her for twenty-five years. five times they nearly slept together (and one time they really did). star trek tng. beverly crusher/jean-luc picard. spoilers for the entire show. 5,100 words. r.

( (i don't need a) parachute )
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the life i've been frightened of
of all the things in her life, he's the most familiar. dana and casey throughout the years. sports night. dana/casey. spoilers for everything. 9,000 words. pg13.

( the life i've been frightened of )
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five years and a day
we'll stop here for a week. he did promise. crusade. gideon/lochley. spoilers for everything. 2,800 words. pg13.

( five years and a day )
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the groundhog day job
let's go steal a day. it's not the craziest thing they've heard. leverage. ensemble, parker/hardison. 870 words. pg.

( the groundhog day job )
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the play is finished, but the echoes remain
there was that time in venice. you owe me. leverage. sophie/tara. pre-series and two live-crew job. 860 words. pg13.

( the play is finished, but the echoes remain )
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I realise I can't really give you any kind of permission for transformative works, nor could I do anything about it should you go against my wishes. That said, here's how I feel about transformative works right now. If there's something not covered in here, please let me know and I'll add it. I reserve the right to make changes to these at any time, but those changes obviously won't apply to any past transformative works. [last changes made in early 2013]

PSA: All of this only applies to fanfic, not to any original content I may have posted on the internet, such as poems or other kinds of writing. Original content is protected by copyright and may not be used or reproduced in any way.

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Thank you! [personal profile] congo / [community profile] sagittaron / [ profile] universe
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every eye trained on a different star
she takes three night shifts in a row. five dreams out of the warp bubble. star trek tng. beverly crusher. episode tag for remember me. 3,400 words. r. i have no concept of the word 'canon'.

( every eye trained on a different star )
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the end, or where it begins
in retrospect, they really should've seen it coming. san lorenzo 2.0. leverage. nate/sophie. spoilers for hot potato job. 1,300 words. light r.

( the end, or where it begins )
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our rain-washed histories
do we have time to see your office? alone, this time. star trek tng. beverly crusher/jean-luc picard. au tag for the big goodbye. 1,600 words. light r.

( our rain-washed histories )
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emotion in motion
let's get it on. fifty reasons to have sex. babylon 5. john/delenn. spoilers for everything, partly au/partly canon(-compliant). 28,400 words. pg-r. for the fifty reasons to have sex fic fest.

( emotion in motion )
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be your harbour
sometimes in life, you don't have a choice. ten conversations. stargate. ensemble. spoilers for pretty much everything and nothing at all. probably futzes with canon more than it should. 6,520 words. pg. (kate, i owe you a hell of a lot. and you, too, kelly.)

( be your harbour )
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once like a spark
the new sanctuary is nothing and everything like the old one. five smiles. sanctuary. helen, will. post-sanctuary for none. 1,140 words. pg.

( once like a spark )
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there's a drumming noise inside my head (that starts when you're around)
he'd had to physically drag himself away before he did anything stupid like proposition the minbari ambassador after just one date. delenn, however, had other ideas. babylon 5. john/delenn. set soon after the long, twilight struggle. 1,460 words. nc17.

( there's a drumming noise inside my head (that starts when you're around) )
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here we are, light unshown
the shadows win. this is how the world ends. babylon 5. john/delenn. au early season four. 460 words. pg13. for this. i hate myself.

here we are, light unshown )

Fic in 2011

Jan. 4th, 2012 04:31 pm
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oh look! it's a fic meme! and i'm too lazy to capitalise anything today. don't worry, this won't be a regular thing, the next post will be proper fic again. as always, feel free to leave prompts here!

fics completed this year:
16... not very impressive, sigh. but i probably started ten more that never got finished.

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a page of your history
a flash of golden hair and a silver gun. a multi-media representation of a very unconventional friendship. leverage | doctor who. eliot spencer, river song. 820 words. pg. for my darling bff catherine, whom i love more than words can say.

a page of your history )